Vitamin-mineral complex, a complete set of essential vitamins and minerals in an easily accessible form
Available in

180 capsules

Suggested use

Hard gelatin capsules
Adults 3 capsules daily.

Biologically active substances Content in 1 capsule

Vitamin C 66.7 mg

Vitamin E

10 mg

Vitamin B5 5 mg

Vitamin B3

5 mg

Vitamin A 0.5 mg

Vitamin B12 3 mcg

Vitamin B6

1.3 mg

Vitamin D3 3.3 mcg

Vitamin B2 0.83 mg

Vitamin B1 0.8 mg

Folic acid (Vitamin B9) 0.033 mg

Vitamin B7 0.025 mg

calcium carbonate 66.7 mg

magnesium oxide 100 mg

Potassium chloride 33.3 mg

Ferrous fumarate 3.3 mg

zinc oxide 5 mg

manganese sulfate 0.67 mg

copper sulfate 0.67 mg

Chromium chloride 33.3 mcg

sodium selenite 10 mcg


Supplement facts

NFO® Multi-Vit (NFO Multi-Vit) - a vitamin and mineral complex, a complete set of essential vitamins and minerals in an easily accessible form

Effectively compensates for the lack of essential vitamins and minerals. Promotes rapid recovery of the body during mental and physical overload, in stressful situations, when the consumption of vitamins and minerals is especially high. It is recommended for daily use by athletes during intensive training, students during exams. Works well with NFO® Omega-3 supplements

The complex has a high bioavailability, the components of the complex significantly enhance the action of each other.


  • increase the level of vital energy;
  • normalization of metabolism;
  • restoration of the body during mental, physical overload, in stressful situations;
  • improving performance.

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