New generation iron complex containing the patented Ferrochel® formula
Available in

100 tablets

Suggested use

Adults 1 tablet 1 time per day with meals.

Biologically active substances Content in a daily dose (1 tablet), mg

Ferrochel®, Iron (bisglycinate chelate) 25
Supplement facts

NFO® Gentle Iron (NFO Readily Available Iron) is a new generation iron complex containing the patented formula Ferrochel® - iron bisglycinate chelate, which is the most bioavailable form of iron today to eliminate iron deficiency in the body (bioavailability above 90%).

Iron is included in the group of essential (necessary for the body) trace elements, is an important trace element present in the cells of the human body, and is involved in a large number of biochemical reactions.

The main task of iron is to deliver oxygen to the cells of human organs and systems, participate in the processes of cellular respiration, and regulate metabolism. Iron helps maintain many important functions of the body, affecting the level of vital energy, concentration, the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and the immune system. Its deficiency immediately affects the well-being.

Up to two-thirds of the iron in the body is contained in hemoglobin, which in turn is an essential component of red blood cells - erythrocytes. In the process of breathing, hemoglobin combines with oxygen, and red blood cells carry it from the lungs throughout the body to all organs and tissues, then with the help of the same hemoglobin they send carbon dioxide back to the lungs. In addition, iron is a component of substances responsible for cholesterol metabolism, the conversion of calories into energy, and the fight against toxins. Thanks to iron, the immune system copes with its functions better. Iron is also essential for maintaining the health and beauty of skin, hair and nails.

A lack of iron in the body causes iron deficiency anemia, a disease that is more common in women during pregnancy and with heavy menstruation, as well as people who have undergone large blood loss, major surgical operations. Anemia is manifested by weakness, fatigue, dizziness and tinnitus, brittleness and delamination of nails, numbness of hands and feet, palpitations, hair loss, depression. A person with anemia has pallor and dryness of the skin, mucous membranes, lips, immunity decreases, blood tests show a drop in hemoglobin levels below normal. The more pronounced iron deficiency, the stronger the manifestations of anemia and the fall in hemoglobin in the blood.

NFO® Gentle Iron is a new generation iron complex that eliminates iron deficiency and symptoms of anemia, has the highest bioavailability, so the effect comes very quickly, literally from the first tablet.

In its composition, NFO® Gentle Iron contains the patented formula Ferrochel® - iron bisglycinate chelate, which is the most bioavailable form of iron today.

The use of iron chelate complexes for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia in humans began to be actively introduced in the late 1990s. The process of binding iron to amino acids, which significantly increase the bioavailability of the complex, is called chelation. Iron chelates are complex compounds of a metal with an amino acid. Bisglycinate chelate is an iron compound that consists of one iron molecule connected to two molecules of the amino acid glycine, which ensures the resistance of this compound to adverse factors acting in the gastrointestinal tract after taking the drug.

Iron bisglycinate chelate is not amenable to hydrolysis in the stomach, is completely absorbed in the small intestine and enters the enterocytes unchanged, where the iron molecule is released. The bioavailability of iron chelate bisglycinate exceeds 90%!

Properties of the NFO® Gentle Iron complex:

Quickly eliminates iron deficiency in the body
With daily intake, it contributes to the speedy normalization of hemoglobin levels in the blood.
Promptly eliminates the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia: dry skin, brittle nails, hair loss, weakness, lethargy, pallor of the skin
Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components.

Dietary supplement. It is not a medicinal product.


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