Our company

NFO® company is a modern manufacturer of high-quality food supplements.
photo by Johnny Goerend (@johnygoerend)

The task of which is to raise the quality of life of each customer to a new level, to help them fully experience health, energy, harmony and attractiveness at any age.

NFO® creates a wide line of organic products at its production sites that meet the most stringent quality standards accepted in the world.

We are experts in the production of OMEGA-3 products based on fish oil. The unique production process allowed us to obtain highly purified fish oil from wild fresh fish of the northern seas.

NFO ® production sites are located next to the catch collection stations. The highest degree of purification of fish oil from harmful impurities is guaranteed by the method of molecular distillation.

The finished product can be obtained within a few hours after catching fish, which eliminates the loss of the properties of fresh raw materials.

You get products from production sites that have GMP and ISO certificates.

Products are made only from natural organic raw materials. Careful selection based on the principle of compatibility of products in bioavailable form - facilitates and simplifies the process of assimilation by the body.